Baron Wolman : Woodstock Real Art Press. Book

Woodstock © Photographs Baron Wolman

Woodstock © Photographs Baron Wolman

2014 marks the 45th anniversary of Woodstock. Baron Wolman was Rolling Stone magazine’s first photographer. In 1969 he attended what would become the most famous music festival of all time. This June, Reel Art Press releases Woodstock, an edition featuring Wolman’s photographs, published here in their entirety for the first time, with a worldwide launch and an exhibition in London in June.

“I remember flying in on the helicopter, looking down at all the people thinking, “Oh my god, it’s like a single living organism. An ocean of hair and teeth and eyes and arms!” The sound of the crowd was so loud you could hear it over the sound of the helicopter engine” – Carlos Santana

What started as a free event advertised for 50,000, would become the most important music festival in history, attended by over half a million people, united in a message of peace, love, openness and cultural expression. Woodstock was a defining moment for the wider counter-culture generation. “No one could have predicted the enduring influence of the Woodstock experience,” comments Wolman. “Yes, the bands were first rate and there were many of them. And the setting … was picture perfect and tranquil, a bucolic setting for relaxing with friends and listening to music and getting high. But in unexpected ways, Woodstock became more than a concert for all of us.”



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