Fabienne Karmann Les femmes du Maroc

© Fabienne Karmann

© Fabienne Karmann

“Les femmes du Maroc” [Women of Morocco] is Berlin photographer Fabienne Karmann’s contemporary journalism effort towards opening minds, decreasing violence and furthering independence. Beauty is something that cannot be denied.

”In Morocco, when you walk along the roads, colorful and floating spots catch your sight. Women are seen as minority on Moroccan streets.” Says Karman, ”but if you meet them, their dresses are the opposite of men’s cloths, experimental and distinctive. Their fashionable presence opens a space for identity, individuality and strength… It’s street fashion – in Morocco. They practice colorful camouflage and veiling for diverse reasons: shape, femininity . With or without showing their face.

The majority of Karmann’s photos for the series do not reveal much about the face of these women but reveal a strong presence of woman and personality. There is no doubt that one is observing femininity.

”In my project ‘Les femmes du Maroc’ I don’t show faces,” Karmann continues. ”Several reasons led me to this decision. Many explanations exist why women from Morocco dislike to show their faces. A lot of women I asked on the street to be captured by me said “I am sorry, but I am married.” This can mean “I am scared of violence.” or “If you take a picture of me, you are going to destroy my dream”. A young woman I met along my journey explained to me: “While we are young we are dreaming of marriage, after we are dreaming of children and afterwards life ends.”




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