Jidai Matsuri Women – Kyoto

jidai_matsuri_kyoto_2012_8892More of the lovely Jidai jidai_matsuri_kyoto_2012_9059jidai_matsuri_kyoto_2012_9071jidai_matsuri_kyoto_2012_9079jidai_matsuri_kyoto_2012_9090jidai_matsuri_kyoto_2012_9133Matsuri or the Festival of the Ages in Kyoto, taking place annually through the center of Kyoto. The festival aims to show up important historical figures and costumes from the history of Kyoto, as a sort of historical reenactment celebration of the city’s illustrious history. The costumes ranges about a millenia of history so I am not very read up on the meaning of the different costumes, but among these, my favorite would be the last, with the fantastic colors, patterns and make up! If you are in Kyoto early autumn, make sure not to miss this fantastic parade starting at the Imperial palace and ending up at the Heian Shrine, once a year.



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