Julia Fullerton-Batten In Service. Portfolio

The Edwardian era was short but significant. It only lasted from Queen Victoria’s death in 1901 until Edward’s own demise in 1910. But massive social and political change occurred throughout Britain as the old aristocracy began to lose their power base and the working class began to seek empowerment through the democratic and ultimately political process. The carnage and social fall-out from WW 1 completed the changes.

My theme in this project is inequity. At that time the division between the richest and poorest in society was vast, extreme poverty and its consequences was widespread. In order to escape poverty hundreds of thousands of men and women entered “service”. It was not the relatively comfortable life frequently illustrated in today’s TV programmes. There was exploitation and abuse, some of it sexual in nature. In Service exposes some of the going-on behind the walls of the houses of the privileged class in that era. ……………………………………………



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